What and why

In order to complete and replace the old TX2/TX3 sensors, I found some new ones using a similar technology (still RF 433 Mhz). These are the TFA ref 30.3208.02 and can be bought with a very handy external housing (ref 98.1114.02):

TFA thermometer and housing

They also come in sets of 3 sensors + a "climate monitor".

TFA thermometer and housing

(Edit 27/07/2022: PEARL Diffusion's rebranded NX-6185-675 sensors (sold for Infactory FWS-1000 station) are fully compatible too).

Technical info

The sensors themselves measure and display the temperature as well as the relative humidity. Up to 8 sensors can be used at the same time and their address is set (thus fixed) using microswitches, which is a huge improvement over the previous models (either IDs changing at reboot or limited to 3).

The communication protocol seems to be known as F007TH (from Ambient Weather) and presents 2 singular characteristics:

  • The temperature is transmitted in Fahrenheit
  • It uses a Manchester Encoding

The protocol has been described at length in Weather-Sensor-RF-Protocols.pdf or in Weathermon / F007TH protocol for example.

Various implementations exists and can be found on the Internet; last but not least my version, adaption of one of the different sources and for which I use on a ESP8266 as a gateway to the MQTT broker.

My current ecosystem as a diagram

So far the described ecosystem can be represented as:


Other pieces of the puzzle to follow…