Jukebox - part 3

Following the first and the second parts, it's now time to have a look at the finished product.

Version 1 "Panda"

Version 1

This is the current version. It is based on the same big principes as the "prototype" but stronger and more stable.

The panda head was chosen only because I was looking for a cheap, ready made, ok quality, stereo, non-bluetooth USB speaker. It became the central theme of the jukebox as well as its nickname (even if in reality it's more something along " 'da "). The amplifier is in the volume control box (glued at the back) but on newer model, it seems inside the head (and the volume is controled via one ear of the panda).

The sound card is a USB generic one and it is very stable with VLC. The overall sound quality is certainly not Hi-Fi but is not shabby at all.


  • The speakers are in the head
  • The amplifier is in a small box
  • The Raspberry Pi, RFID reader & Controller, USB Soundcard, USB memory card are inside the "base"
  • The battery is at the back for easy replacement


Button, lights & secret switch

The green button is also a light. When pressed it pauses the music. The light is an indication of the booting process (flash), ready state (on), paused (breath), playing (off).

There is also a hall sensor inside the base (activated with a strong magnet) in order to give the possibility to boot with or without any "RF" (Wifi, ...) activated.


As usual the code and schematics are available (AS IS) on github.