Bluetooth Low Energy : HM-.... dead!

Following my adventures with the HM-12 unconventional module, I carried my experimentations with the HM-10 module this time.

If the majority of the functions were working, some of them like the iBeacon related ones were giving me... nothing!


So I decided to re-flash the "frimware" (as it is called on the website), carefully following instructions up to a great Windows telling me:

Download completed successfully


So far, so good... but the, the module started giving me only continous


One power cycle later, it got even worse because I know have only

www.jnhuama.cwww.jnhuama.cwww.jnhuama.cwww.jnhuama.c (note the missing final "n"!)

I used the correct file ("CC2540" chip and HM-10 firmware) and the upload wasn't interrupted... So what went wrong? Not a clue... I only guess that I managed to brick my $6.87 module. This time I am really starting to wonder if these HM modules were really genuine!


New (different) modules are on their way. TBC...