Boxing, part 1

Now the project is taking shape, there is a need to house:

  • a Raspberry Pi B+
  • some additional electronics (5V converter, transistors, ...),
  • the 433Mhz receiver + digispark
  • a LCD Screen (4*20)
  • 4 pushbuttons
  • the AirPi at the back
  • additional SD Card reader (or even USB hard drive)
  • Z-Wave USB-Key
  • ...

Wooden box

So far, the best potential solution I found would be a nice wooden box like this:

Wooden Box

They exist in different sizes and shapes, including 16.5 cm and 20.5cm. I have these 2 sizes and am currently testing what feels best.

Adiabatic enclosure

Having vague memories from my University years and the concept of adiabatic enclosure, notions of heat and the First Law of thermodynamics, I am also trying to work out if vents will be mandatory or not.

The Raspberry model B+ seems a lot cooler than my old B (CPU is around 10°C cooler). I added a DS18B20 temperature sensor to monitor the temperature inside the wooden box and it is about 6-7°C more than that outside the box.

According to Raspberry Pi Engineer Gert van Loo heat should not be a problem, but I'm trying to keep the temperature as low as I can.