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Thursday 17 March 2005 18:48 | General

Il semble que malgré ce que j'ai dis hier les blogs aient encore de l'avenir... Le président de la République Français a désormais le sien :

Juste au cas où, il s'agit d'une parodie... Un Jacques du genre les Guignols de Canal +. .. La question est : Combien de temps va-t-il rester en ligne ?

    First post (il faut un début à tout !)

    Wednesday 16 March 2005 20:06 | General

    Yes! Another blog! Lost among thousands of others in CyberSpace...

    I have been thinking of setting up a blog for a while now. In my mind, it was actually more to post some images with a short comment. This might actually be the majority of my post... we'll see...

    It all started on New Year's eve (2004->2005) when one of the guests told me she would like to publish her thoughts, photos and other short stories but didn't know where to start. I replied: "You need a blog!". After a lot of discussions, Marie Juliette's blog was born. Honestly, if I help others to set up their blog, why couldn't I have one myself? Funnily enough, blogs have been around for year and more and more are closed down everyday... But who said I was a sheep? I don't like hype and fashion anyway...

    I could have "re-invented the wheel" and programmed it from scratch (like all my other pages) but I decided to go for a system ready made, supported and hopefully bug free! After a quick bit of research, I settled with DotClear.

    The second problem was in English or en Français? Writing in English is certainly a very good exercise for me so I'll probably mainly use la langue de Shakespeare!

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