Great Day Out

Monday 05 May 2008 14:11 | General

Back in October last year, we "had-a-go" at archery during Burwash manor apple-day. But 3 arrows and a couple of minutes is obviously quite short so I took and kept the business card.

We recently went for 4 hours of practice of Archery. Grand National Archery Society requires a 8 hours course before you can join a club but since it was not our objective, we booked only 4 hours thinking we would have had enough.

It turned out that it was clearly a mistake as first time goes very quickly and this activity seems highly addictive!

Robins Reach Archery

We really enjoyed it. Even the weather was OK (big shower just while having lunch but clear before and after so perfect timing).

Now we can't wait to go back to complete the 8 hours initial course (after all... why not? ;-) )

Contact: Robins Reach Archery - Beginners Courses - Private Tuition

Edit 11/06/2008: Second session was as good as first one (even the weather was perfect). Still highly recommended!