New photos On-line: Lake Garda & Verona

Friday 14 September 2007 18:20 | General

Here is a blog entry en English... main reason being that apparently I do have one reader (Yipee!). And this (unique?) reader complained he could not understand when I was writing in French. Since the last 4 posts were in French, I needed to practice my English anyway! ;-)

At the end of June, we were invited to the wedding of friends and former colleagues of Jane. The ceremony itself was in Torbole (near Lake Garda) and the reception in Marco.

On the Sunday, we went to Verona, just to see what was there. We didn't have any precise plan of visit nor much knowledge about the town. But we were lucky as the first Sunday of the month, all museums are either free or at reduced price.

Funnily enough, there were very few tourists in the street, with exception of the Villa Capuleti (so called-house of Juliet) and its famous balcony (and apparently tomb inside -- we didn't visit the house). This Tourist Attraction has probably as much truth in it as you could find in Disneyland, Shakespeare himself never visited Verona and apparently the earliest version of the story is set in Siena anyway. The entrance with all the padlocks, love messages and graffitis on the wall is kind of amazing.

To be honest, other buildings (churches, Roman Arena & Theatre, castles & palaces, etc...) seemed a lot more interesting.

Some photos (by Jane & myself) are now online (at last!):